The Hottest Stocks And Sectors Right Now | Is Bitcoin Still HOT or Is It Too Volatile?!?

It’s an insane market now full of opportunities, so check out to learn how to trade crypto-currencies and also review my lessons like and to see how to capitalize on these spikes using small accounts

Tips in this video:

1:00. Prepare for Fridays when you’re trading your stocks. This is where you see the biggest spikes, so always be ready!
1:46 Bitcoin is spiking right now and hitting all-time highs. There’s a TON of volatility right now, but you should be focusing on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
2:38 Forget about trading, forget about cryptocurrency…you can 10X your money with Bitcoin. Stop hating on it.
4:40 Even if you mistime trading a stock terribly, you can make double or triple your money
5:50 Drink coffee to trade in 3rd world countries 🙂
8:30 Play your stocks when they’re hot. Focus on low float winners!
8:53 If you take anything, be happy. And if you missed it, then learn from your stock trades.
9:49 I prefer to buy during morning spikes. Right as the market opens.
12:49 Don’t follow audio alerts from BS traders
13:12 This is an example of what can happen on a Friday afternoon when a stock spikes
14:14 Don’t just chase. And don’t feel bad if you miss out on a critical trade. Take what you can and learn from the rest!
16:40 We’re in a strong bull market, so keep an eye out on Friday.
18:01 The rate of millionaires I’m creating is increasing more and more every single year
18:33 I want you to become my next millionaire student, but don’t think it’s going to be easy. You need to work hard, and realize that sometime’s you’ll miss, but sometime’s you’ll win.
19:18 Gunslingers die. I don’t want you to be a gunslinger, I want you to make money with penny stocks in the long run.
19:50 Out of 1,000 trades, you’re going to have 200 misses. You’re going to miss sometimes. That’s OK! You cannot expect perfection with your trades.

Comment below “Take what you can and learn from the rest” so you don’t feel like you need to be involved in every single stock.


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